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Kimberley Hurley is a Dublin born visual artist, who specialises in oils on canvas. Kimberley started out working in the aviation industry but painted in her spare time. She began to sell her art while still working there and finally she decided to quit her job and pursue her passion. She is self taught and has been working as a full time artist for six years.

Five years ago she had her first exhibition in Duke street in Dublin entitled ‘That is why’. The show sold out and was a great success for the new artist. The show was made up of paintings of the human image which since childhood has been a great inspiration to her.
“I am moved by emotion, whether it be pain or passion and I constantly strive to express this in my work. I think the most beautiful thing an artist can do is express the natural emotions with freedom. Freedom is the most pure thing to see in a painting”
Since her exhibition Kimberley’s direction has taken different turns and she has explored landscapes and cityscapes. These subjects have allowed her to explore the darkness and light of nature while still expressing emotion through this different channel.
Kimberley’s family live in New York which has allowed her to base herself between there and Dublin. Currently she is working on an exhibition to take place in 2021 in New York city.
Kim also donates work to certain charities. Her work was auctioned off for the Dublin LGBTQ lunch in 2017. She has also donated to the scoop foundation. She has donated several paintings auctions for the miss Candy lunch for the rape crisis centre. The latest auction taking place online this year due to covid-19.
“Art has been like a lover for me, we have taken a journey together, a road we are always exploring. We battle and celebrate and love each other. It is a part of me, all consuming.”
“Kimberley’s work is constantly evolving. It’s full of playful fragility and movement, in particular her landscapes. I find these to be where Kimberley is at the most expressive and freest. When you stand in front of one of her seascapes you are transported to a particular scene as you watch the weather front move in and the waves storm by. You can almost feel the wind on your face and hear the roar of the wind rage on”. – Peter Homan, Artist.
“I have been following Kim’s journey for about 5 years, Kim’s work is imaginative, colorful and always tells a good story” – Jin Yong, Artist
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That is why – 2015

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